Flexible Angular Text Editor

What is fate?

Fate is a rich text editor (wysiwyg) natively written for angular (>= v2) in typescript with footprint and flexibility in mind. Its goal is to be very easy to customise and be as small as it can thanks to tree shaking.

Bootstrap and Google Material styled version are included to fit in forms using those styles. To use the material one you will need to include Angular Material in your project. To use the Boostrap version you will need to include the Boostrap CSS.

Installing fate

  1. Use npm to download the module: npm install --save fate-editor
  2. Then import the FateModule in your app: import { FateModule } from 'fate-editor'
  3. Then add the module to you imports list
  4. Material version uses Google's material icons, the two other versions use Font Awsome icons, so you will need to include the right one for you
  5. If you use [(ngModel)] don't forget to include FormsModule from "@angular/forms"

Using fate

For a detailed description of fate's component have a look at the ReadMe.

Support, Feature Request and Bug Report

If you need help with fate don't hesitate to look if someone else got the same issue on Stack Overflow or ask a question using the tag fate-editor.

If you have a bug to report or would like to fill a feature request just use GitHub's issue tracker.


Just fork the project create a pull-request on it's GitHub to contribute.